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My Thanksgiving List

downloadThanskgiving is just around the corner! Ever since I can remember, my family has celebrated Thanksgiving, or what I like to call “the day where we start our never ending meals featuring turkey.” So, in honour of Turkey Day, I would like to give thanks for 22 things in my life in this past year (go Jays go!) :)

#22. Toronto Blue Jays. Of course, to start off the list at #22 for 22 years, are my Toronto Blue Jays :) Thank you for being my one true sports team love. Through thick and thin, I have always stuck with you. This season you made it to the playoffs! So proud of you boys and whatever the outcome is (World Series champs of course!), I will still be cheering for you.

#21. Living in Canada. Yes, living in Canada. As much as I hate the cold and ever changing weather, it is still one of the greatest places on Earth. We may not be perfect but we try our best. Thank you for providing a safe and extremely large place for me to be a proud residing citizen of. No matter where I may end up living in the future, I can always call you home.

#20. Living in Toronto. Ah Toronto, Hogtown, Tdot, the Six. Thank you for being a diverse, multi-cultural city that welcomes everyone with open arms. You are filled with new and different things that is ours to explore, even in the freezing cold. Proud to be a Torontonian!

#19. Love. Thank you for teaching me that it’s okay to love with all your heart and to have it broken. Because without heartbreak I would never learn how to love again. And that unconditional love is found in those who are willing to stick with me when I am at my worst and who will laugh and cry with me.

#18. Chronic Ink ( Thank you for bringing the ideas that I have in my head to life and willing to ink them onto my body forever. Without you, my body will still be a plain blank canvas and not the beautiful piece of art that it is today. It’s been a great couple of years and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

#17. My neighbours and concierge. I normally don’t converse with my neighbours since I hardly ever see them, and living in a condo usually means that they are constantly changing. However, thank you to those who I have gotten to know. Makes condo life a bit less… dull. Thank you to my concierge for always smiling, being there to open doors and calling to let me know I have packages delivered for me. And for not judging my weird hours. And for making sure I don’t have to deal with a crazy drunk person at 11pm.

#16. Airplanes, yachts and trains. You may be wondering, why airplanes, yachts and trains? Well, without them, I wouldn’t be able to go to the countries that I went to. Thank you for being my main modes of transportation all throughout my travels. You may be expensive but it was worth every single penny (or nickel since we don’t have the penny anymore). Airplanes, thank you for getting me safely across bodies of water, whether or not you were on time. My little sailing yacht, thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime out on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean islands <3 And trains, thank you for getting me to and from my different destinations, especially from London to Paris.

#15. Government. Thank you for being as democratic as you possibly can, and for making the best decisions that you believe benefit our country. Yes, we will always disagree on certain issues, no doubt about that. With the current election coming up in less than two weeks, these issues are more prominent than ever. We can only hope AND VOTE that the best MPs and party leader will be elected into office. May the best party win, and remember, go out and vote!

#14. Nature. Thank you for adding life and colour into my everyday. I am in constant awe of you, especially during my travels. And for providing us with a clean place to live in. With that being said, it is our duty as human beings to keep the planet clean and to preserve what we have left for future generations to come. Because seriously, who wants to go live on a planet far far away that is filled with rust… and we would have to wear space suits and oxygen tanks all the time.

#13. Coffee and food. Who isn’t thankful for coffee and food?? Thank you coffee for keeping me awake everyday. You may dehydrate my skin but you help me get through the day. And make my clothes, hair and bags smell like a coffee house. Thank you food for simply being food. Those who know me know that I absolutely love food, especially baking. Nourishment to the soul and sends the taste buds on a magical journey :) Also makes for a great date ;)

#12. Vantage Church ( I may not be there today, but thank you for showing me that I can get out of my comfort zone while providing nourishment. For the short time I was there, it was a blessing and allowed me to use my gifts for Him. Wish you all the best and remember, the best is yet to come :)

#11. Toronto Chinese Alliance Church ( What can I say, thank you for welcoming me with open arms (and luring me in with softball). You all are a crazy bunch of Asian kids and I love you all :) For the first time in a long time I finally am comfortable being in a Chinese church and to have new girlfriends who are true their self. Boys, you are cool too.

#10. Social media. Thank you social media for opening the doors wide open to a whole new world. Facebook, you kept me connected with my friends all throughout my travels and to those who I met along the way. Instagram, I never thought that I would be using you so much in my life but not only have you been able to connect me with my friends, but you have also been able connect me with people I would never would have been able to meet otherwise. And to share my crazy life with everyone around me. Snapchat, you, my friend, was only something I have recently (and quite reluctantly) learned how to use. Pageant family, you are to blame. But you make me laugh each and every day and make me look forward to what each new Snap day brings :) Twitter, you are my go-to Facebook status update :D And an interesting way of connecting with certain people in my life. And finally, WordPress. Oh WordPress, you and I have such a love-hate relationship. You allow me to put my thoughts onto the Internet and have opened a new door for me.

#9. My health. For those who know my extensive medical history, you know that I’ve been through a series of health issues. This year, however, thank you for being relatively kind to me, with no serious issues. No new injuries or flare ups or hospital visits, aside from my two month long bought with bronchitis. And my knee getting reinjured. Other than that, I am healthy :)

#8. Music. The healer of the soul. Thank you for never giving up on me when I had given up on you so many years ago. Thank you Cory for pushing me to revive my voice and for sparking my passion once again. And for signing me up for The Best Voice of North America, because I definitely wouldn’t have entered without your help. Thank you to my mom for bugging me to use my voice for something great. Thank you to my dad for being my number one fan and for filming my performances. Thank you Sasha for encouraging me to pursue music and to go for singing contests, even though it may seem a bit crazy. And thank you to all of my friends, especially Tiffany, for being there for my continual musical journey :)

#7. Graduation. FINALLY GRADUATED! At last… been a long journey, but thank you Mom, Daddy and Sister for being there every step of the way. Even when I changed schools and majors a million times. Thank you for all the friends that I’ve made along the way, and to my professors for be willing to teach us rowdy kids. Something that I can never do. Even though tons of money was forked over, thank you to Wilfrid Laurier University, Seneca College and Ryerson University for giving me an education, even if I was a terrible student.

#6. Work. Thank you for making sure that I’m not flat broke. And for fattening up my resume. But also, thank you for allowing me to meet people along the way that I am now friends with and can count on them for help when I need it.

#5. Travel. Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime. A couple of years ago I would have never imagined to find myself at DisneyWorld, sailing to nine different Caribbean islands, Guatemala, London, Paris, Dublin and Sete. Also, I would never have met certain people, and be immersed in cultures outside of Canada. You’ve taught me to not worry too much about things when they don’t go according to plan, and that there are bigger problems out there. You also gave me a bigger wardrobe and a fantastic collection of stamps in my passport :)

#4. Softball. One of my true loves. Thank you for being my source of exercise during the summer (and now winter) and for keeping me in shape. It’s been a crazy 12 years so far and this ride will continue for years to come (health pending). Thank you to all the teams I’ve been a part of for putting up with me and for letting me play with you all. Special shout out to Havoc, Rock and Blue Steal :)

#3. Miss and Mr Asia Canada pageant family. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK! It’s been a wild, crazy journey and I can’t imagine spending my summer with any one but you guys, you insane gorgeous group of kiddies <3 Thank you for accepting me for me, and for supporting me no matter what. You guys are my family for life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

#2. My friends. What would I do without you all? Thank you for simply being my friends. Tiffany, you are the best friend that a girl can ever ask for, and more <3 Dennis, my dear home fry, you’re crazy but I still love you :) Jenny, love you to bits and pieces! And Michael, home slice, we’ll forever belong to the same house :D

#1. My family. And last but not least, my family. Thank you. I may be upset or annoyed at times (okay, lots of times) but at the end of the day, we’re still family, and family stick with each other no matter what. Daddy, thank you for everything that you do, especially cooking delicious food for me and for being my number one fan in everything that I do. Mom, thank you for being my mother. Sister, thank you for being a pillar of strength and encouragement, even when what I want to do makes me seem like a mental person. And to the rest of my family, thank you for being patient and not disowning me :P Love you all and hope to have a long overdue family reunion soon.

What are YOU thankful for this year?

Yours truly, MsAngieLauimages (1)


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