Getting things off my chest

99 Problems and You Are One

I don’t understand the male species sometimes. One would think that when a woman says, after ignoring him for months, “I’m not interested in dating you” to a man, that he would know that she doesn’t want to date him. Any guy with a brain knows this. “Leave me alone,” “delete my number,” “I don’t want to be with you”; CLEARLY those tell someone that the other party doesn’t want to date them. DUH. But of course you get the boys who are so stubborn and have their heads so far up their ass that they refuse to leave a woman alone and blatantly disrespects her and her significant other.

Has society really come to a point where a woman can’t simply state that she doesn’t want to date someone and that person leaves her alone? Even when she claims that she has a significant other? And the only way to stop communication is for the woman to have to go through the trouble of finding ways to block the person. Sure, the first couple of weeks was all rainbows and puppy dogs, but a woman has the right to decide for herself if she wants to continue the relationship or to end it. That is her right, her prerogative, her choice. It’s not about feminism or if she really does have a significant other; it’s about decent human rights. A guy can try to convince her to stay; whether or not she does is her decision. But seriously, when she makes it crystal clear she wants nothing to do with you, it’s time to let her go and to let the relationship go.letitgo

I get that you are single and that you have somehow fallen in love with a girl that you’ve never met in person. Wait, make that you’ve fallen into an obsession and that you can’t seem to get it through your thick little skull that she’s just NOT INTERESTED. How many freaking times does a girl have to tell you to leave her alone and that she wants you to delete her number and for you to stop talking to her and that she’s not interested for you to get the point?? She’s been ignoring your multiple constant texts and phone calls for the past few months yet you don’t get the message. She tells you that you are harassing her, and you just shrug it off like it doesn’t exist. When she asks you to be a man and keep your word when you said that you would delete her number and stop bothering her if she asks you to and you turn around and say that you didn’t mean it makes you that much less of a man. And when she mentions that she has a boyfriend and that he does not appreciate that you are obviously disrespecting her wishes, you go and say that you don’t care about her boyfriend, he can go to hell and that you could care less about him. And the fact that she’s not married means that you still have a chance… And in my experience, you lied about that too… Like WTFF????? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???? SHE’S NOT YOUR FREAKING WOMAN! YOU HAVE NO CLAIM ON HER! LEAVE HER THE F ALONE, YOU FREAKING OBSESSIVE DISRESPECTFUL STUBBORN ASS CREEP!

No wonder you’re still single. And I hope that you stay that way, forever. Because no girl deserves to be with a guy who can’t see past the end of his nose.

Sony, please bring back the basic feature on your phones of blocking a number. Much appreciated.


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