Miss Asia Canada 2015 / My Toronto

Miss Precision Throw at iDarts Toronto

11698585_10204184331723057_7068539278603906175_nI was never good at darts until I was introduced into the world of electronic darts. What are electronic darts? Basically it is your regular dart board digitized into an electronic dart board that calculates your score for you, depending on the type of game that you choose to play. It is quite fun and gets super competitive. So competitive that there are many tournaments and establishments dedicated to the sport. A few of my friends play in these tournaments and are pros.


Photo credit: David Chan

This past August, I went to iDarts Toronto (850 Woodbine Ave, Markham) for a friendly tournament amongst the Mr and Miss Asia Canadas, along with our friends. We got to choose our own team so I naturally asked certain friends to be on my team (no, we are not sandbagging nor cheating). We had a great time, and despite losing in the semi-finals, we still came out in third! And scored a t-shirt and SEACRET body lotion. Not bad for a couple hours work. Special shout out to all my friends who came out and supported me :) Couldn’t have done it without you.

All in all it was fun night out and we got to see the competitive side of one another. Granted, there was some friendly smack talk, but we were all happy in the end. 
Besides, we can take our anger out by whipping darts at the board. Definitely something to do in the future!

Yours truly, MsAngieLau


Miss Asia Canada sisters (photo credit: David Chan)


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