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Making Rings for the Philippines: A Worthwhile Cause

Ever wish that what you purchase can make a difference in someone else’s life?  Here’s your chance to help make a change to someone in need! My dear good friend, Daniel Westacott, will be embarking on a five month trip in March to the Philippines to work in an urban poor community, with OMF International … Continue reading

Glutton for punishment

What’s in a milkshake? From McDonald’s that is.

Who knew that I could get sick from a milkshake… After a night of wining and dining at a friend’s house, I decided to stop by McDonald’s to pick up a milkshake.  This was after the entire dinner group were ranting and raving about milkshakes (why, I have no clue).  Going on my new found … Continue reading

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A Twist to the Classic Tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

What do you get when you have Snow White, James Bond, and a botox-obsessed Evil Queen/Step-mother? A nutty and hilarious musical that will have you laughing until you start crying. I had the privilege of going to watch Ross Petty’s Snow White over the Christmas holiday (courtesy of my parents) at the Elgin and Winter … Continue reading